That’s all I need…

and this…

I don’t think I want or ask for too much, do I? The only person who’d be able to answer this question would be someone very, very close to me and right now I don’t think I’ve allowed anyone to become this close.

12 thoughts on “That’s all I need…

    1. Thank you for commenting. I struggle at this too. Just recently I’ve decided to pick and choose “quotes” from Instagram or Pinterest and share them with my partner just to get their perspective, maybe that would help strike up a meaningful conversation.

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      1. Bloglifenstuff

        The biggest part of my socialness is on the blog. Blogging seems to have gotten harder. At least to me. Used to, I could read random blogs and have decent conversations with people. It was fun. I made some really personal connections with people I never knew. From all over the world.

        But I mean now, it’s like I’m wandering around in a neighborhood where everyone is staring at me through the blinds. 2-3 worded replies if at all.

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      2. Bloglifenstuff

        What you said about strangers kind of got me… I honestly think people think I’m just a stranger. It’s kind of a weird feeling on here because I’ve always thought blogging was about connecting and interaction.


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