Less is more
than you think
Less is more
than good

Less is more
than enough,
he tells me

My less is more
than you’ll ever recieve
The love that I give
is all that I can

And you would miss it
if you blinked

Don’t get angry
because I won’t love you
the way that you
want me to

Don’t get mad
because I won’t say it
Geez, what else are you
expecting me to do!?

I’ve never been
the affectionate type
And if you want more
you can just save it

My less is more
than you’ll ever have
I’ll replace “things”
with my love and just
trade it

I’ll convince you that
it’s good enough
And that it’s all you’ll
ever need

Ill keep you confused
and dazed about it
So you’ll have to
accept whatever’s

© she
May 2016
Edited Aug 29
Artist Whip-O-Will



Makeup looked good on me
but it wasn’t a necessity
I’m not saying that I’m unpretty
Its just that makeup isn’t as
important to me
But lipstick was
I’d never leave the house
without it on
I’d go bare faced and ugly
but lipstick made me feel strong
and impenetrable
“Here comes a woman with no
makeup on, but she’s still beautiful because the lipstick makes her strong”
Now I’m being weakened as the days
go by
As three shades of lipstick sit at the
bottom of my purse
Never worn and untouched

© she
August 28, 2016
Artwork by Lukas Frischknect


Today was my birthday. I begged myself last year not to expect anything this year, so I wouldn’t be hurt again today. But I was anyway. Why can’t I just be numb? 



So, I had my session today. My every other week women’s abuse counseling session I attend (which he doesn’t realize that I go to because he doesn’t care enough to ask)

Anyway, I totally love her. She knows her stuff. It annoys me though when every time I walk through her office door she’ll ask, “So… did you do anything relaxing or fun since the last time we saw each other?” with a smile on her face. I look at her like, “Yeh, right!, I’m trapped in a prison all day, whatdoya expect?”

We start our session and of course I bitch about “him” and she listens.
I like that. She accesses what I need to say and then she comments.

Today she hands me this worksheet and we did it together and I thought I’d share it with ya’ll, because it made me see things in a different light. The worksheet is called Fantasy vs Reality

P.S. And for anyone who wants to tell me to think positive about my “reality” you need to think again about telling me that, because there’s nothing positive about living my life.

© she
August 26, 2016