I’m not a single person anymore

Therefore, I’ve got to stop thinking and acting single-mindedly. I’m in a whole relationship now. Can you believe it? I can’t. 🤣 Yeh, I just laughed at myself. 🤪😜

It’s so surreal, but why does it have to be? Isn’t this supposed to be a normal feeling for the average person? Instead, it’ll be me disassociating and asking myself “why am I acting like this or that, or why aren’t I doing this or that to make so-and-so happier?”

I’ve even preached when I was married that relationships take two people, not just one person, to make it work. I want to avoid being that person not helping make it work.

Likewise, I resented my husband for his unrequited actions. I want to avoid being resented for mine. The heat 🔥 is on. 🥵

My Poetry

I once wrote a poem which told you that when I was happier I’d write a poem about it.

However; when I said that I was living in a miserable, sad and lonely environment.

Now, I have no excuses not to write even more powerful emotional poetry which aren’t based on my hatred for another person.