If it’s still bothering you
Then it mattered
I don’t believe it has anything
to do with obsessiving
over the trivial
It’s​ about being passionate
about your beliefs
and what affects your
emotions and feelings

Protect them
Gaurd them
And stand up for them
Because they matter

© she
April 30, 2017


Maybe I do 

wanna be forever lonely 

and miserable

Seems that’s what miserable 

people do

They sabotage 

not only themselves, 

but others as well 

Unable to let heal 

a damaged heart

Or rather it’s not 

that I don’t want to be healed​

But that I just can’t be

I’m prone to sabotage

everything positive that attempts 

to break this scared 

and hardned hearted 

impenetrable spell

Some wounds are just 


© she
April 29, 2017



Break these chains
There is no way
At this point that I can see
Or anytime soon
That I keep blaming you
Reminders here and there
Unable to soothe​ my anxiety
My independence is sometimes
a threat to others
The strengh they see in me
An amazing accomplishment
Of the courage it took to become free
Now unable to allow anyone else
To love me
To care for me
Or to take care of me
Any better than I could myself

© she
April 23, 2017
Artwork by Asagi Natsume



My face grows numb with anxiety
Running around here making sure that
everyone else is taken care of except for me
It’s temperature rises
I’ve felt it slowly creeping up
Everyone else seems to put thier aches and pains before mine
I casually pushed my sorrows aside
My face grows numb with anxiety
If only SOMEONE were to ask
Are you ok?… for a change…
I would respond…
No… actually I’m not…

© she
April 21, 2017