& Sophomoric!!


(R) a 39-year-old man, be doing some petty, immature and trifling ass shit to get back at me for things he thinks I’m doing to him! I mean, seriously!!????!!
I don’t play little games like that. Grow up man!

How instantly they forget…

(R) walked right by me and mumbles the word bitch and when I called him on the fact that he called me a name, he flat out lied!!
I asked, “So what’d you call me then?”
He made some lame excuse about telling me to pick my snot tissue off the furniture.
I said, “No you didn’t you called me a bitch. If you’re going to mumble at least don’t make it loud enough that I can hear it! ”
He responded, “No I didn’t.”
I said,” Yes you did, you liar, you’re such a liar!”

WTF! He’s a fucking lunatic! All because of the fact that I didn’t get permission from him to let out son go over to a friend’s house after school. So I guess it’s okay for him to disrespect me, but it’s absolutely not ok for me to disrespect him. Geez Louise, and all over because he’s pissy I didn’t “consult” with him first over my sons whereabouts. He never consults with me on anything!!

I told him, that at least I ask where my son is going, who with, how old the friend is, where does he live, and can I have the kids parents telephone number.
I just don’t send my kid out the door with anybody badly influencial, like he fucking does!

Ohhh, he didn’t like hearing that slam!

Oh Shit!

frankie john (04)

Well, I guess after my last attempt reason (yeh right, I always say that) with my husband in a text yesterday morning about how I HAD to be a nasty bitch in my email I wrote him on the 26th, and of course after his response of BARELY TWO WORDS, I turned around and replied the words I should have waited to tell him. Which were:

“Well, it’s final then. I want a divorce.”

His response to that was again BARELY TWO WORDS…” Well ok then.”

I swear to God, I hate this muther fucker!

As a matter of fact, I HONESTLY DON’T BELIEVE THAT HE EVER READ MY EMAIL. BECAUSE I TOLD HIM THAT I WANTED A DIVORCE WAAAAAY AT THE BOTTOM OF IT, and he still came back home on the 28th and treated me as if I didn’t exist.

See what I mean, this is what narcissists are. Uncaring, emotionless, uncaring, empty, mean, cruel, heartless.

But now I have to deal with the scariest side of him. The side that I knew would soon happen which is why I’m sorry I put my foot in my mouth too soon.

Now I’ve got to prepare myself again for his passive aggressive, spiteful, retributive and vengeful side. FUCK!

evil crawl

First and worst of all  is my driving privileges revoked.

The soulless will drive you mad!


In response to the A Letter To The One Who Murdered Me post, that (yes, I actually did email to him) He’d actually texted me back. You see, I sent it to him when he was at his folks visiting for Thanksgiving which I wasn’t invited to. When I received the which I refused to read because I knew that what I’d poured my heart out to him about didn’t matter anyway, I finally decided to read it today.

He opened it at 9:17 pm and then texted me this at 9:34 pm.

It said,
“Good email right back at you girl.”