I’m about to blunt as hell
I don’t like people who refuse
to understand me. If I can
understand you. Why can’t
you make an effort to under-
stand me. There! I said it.
I don’t want to hear any of
that bull about not seeing
things from my perspective
because if you cared you’d
try, that’s all I’ve got to say
about that.
As a person who was formally
bullied in school and I wish
I had spoken my mind. I’d
like to say that I’m no longer
afraid to speak my mind. I
can’t stand fake people. And
anyone who thinks that I am
out of place for being too
honest or too revealing about
my perspective on how I can
clearly see things going on
around me, then you can either
respect me for it or you may
UNFOLLOW me. I wouldn’t
know anyway unless you’re
in my inner circle of 21 G +
friends for which yes, that
would break my heart but I’d
get over it

© she
May 22, 2016

Story of my life


Every one of these from top to bottom is an example of the man that I live with. It’s been 16 years and I’m completely worn out because every which way I’ve turned,  I’ve been defeated by this red necked idiot.
And truthfully I  don’t understand how he manages to have better luck than me in every way possible 😕 He’s the bad guy, I’m the good guy, but the bad guy always comes out on top and that makes absolutely no sense to me…



ENABLING isn’t always a good thing

My son starting stealing other students clothing and anything they happened to leave behind or anything he felt they left behind, during his 7th-grade year 2013 at a new middle school we put him in, in a new city we moved too, right after I’d left then decided to come back to my abusive husband. (because of my son)

At first, it was the case of N, leaving his shit around and others just swiping his clothes and new shoes and so on and so forth (basically being irresponsible) leaving his locker door open or just walking off and leaving stuff.  Then it became more of a revenge thing as the year progressed. He would wait for students to happen to walk off and he would just walk by and take it. It would be anything from a pair of ear phones, on up to shoes, shorts, t-shirts, joggers, etc. He would walk into the apartment on almost every day with something new on. I’d notice it. His father would notice it. His father would ask, where did you get that from and of course our son would lie, and of course, his father would accept that lie. But I wouldnt. It was crazy and it got crazier! It got to the point where he was bringing home really expensive tennis shoes and I was even more worried than before. I was even more pissed because R wouldn’t say or do anything about what was going on literally right in front of his fucking face and it pissed me off because if I said anything, R would reamed at ME!!! He would tell me that I needed to trust our son. WTF!? Trust our son!? I mean c’mon! He’s stealing. Clearly, you jackass!!

So as N kept walking in day after day with new things on and R kept ALLOWING it, N just decided that it MUST be okay to continue. What R was doing is enabling. As a matter of fact, when R finally got the hint that N could be possibly stealing he gave N a teensy weensy talkin too, but never grounded him. Which in turn made N think that if he kept going this way there would be NO SERIOUS consequences or not at home anyways…

Finally, I took it into my own hands and emailed his principal telling her of my suspicions. She told me to gather up all of the clothing that we did not buy, put them into a garbage bag and bring them up to the school and she would take it from there.

I don’t know how but she managed to get ahold of half the boys that reported something missing and she called N and those boys into the office. N admitted to taking them and of course, he lied and said, that they had told him he could borrow them. There were a few boys who did admit to letting N keep them. The rest of the clothing would need to go back into the lost and found box.

Now if you’re wondering why any mother would rat on their own child. I don’t care because hell yes I would and I will again. That is the only way they will learn and or get the consequences they deserve for being a thief, a liar, or an abuser, so FUCK yall if you think I’m a bad mom! Because you know what? He’s still doing it still to this day, he hasn’t learned his lesson!!

This is what I just found shoved in his dresser drawers!

When I first brought it to R’s attention, last Wednesday while N was at school, he accused me of lying (like always) then I told him to come look with me in N drawers to I could prove to him that I wasn’t and he told me he had no interest in doing that. I would have shown him these photo’s as well but he had no interest in doing that either.

So it’s like R’ DOESNT FUCKING CARE! He’s enabling our son to become a rotten child. He’s allowed our son to literally watch himself mentally abuse me and he allows our 16-year-old son to disrespect me and control me as well. No matter what I tell R, about what N does, R will never believe me. That’s how much R thinks with his dick. All he cares about is the fact that I refuse to have sex with him because I refuse to let him treat me like shit. Which to him is not justification enough.