(from a daughter of a narcissist)


You won’t leave

You’ll just keep coming back

and making my life miserable

When you come,

you bring dark clouds

and when you leave,

they stay behind

When you call

just sound of your weeping


brings dark clouds

and when I hang up

you’ve left me with overwhelming anxiety

So much that I can hardly breath


I don’t want to

see you

and you can not

see me


December 10, 2017


The meme is kinda sad. I ask myself this every day. I know I have my issues, but you may have them too. We just gotta be patient with one another. I mean, isn’t that what love is? Patients….

Some Men

Some men
have a problem
with wives “telling” them
what to do.
When most of the time
it’s simply a suggestion,
but some men don’t see it that way.
This when things begin
to go downhill not only in the
marriage but in the
entire family
especially when there are
children involved Sometimes
they need to put their pride
© she (is me)
Dec 9, 2017