When someone has interest in me I need to know why

Yes, I want to be in a relationship, but I’m still afraid. I thought I was ready, but after the DateBritishGuys, experience, I’m done, petrified all over again.

The last fellow just made me feel unworthy all over again, or perhaps I made myself feel unworthy, or perhaps he was a narcissist.

I called this fellow out on his lack of interest in getting to know me, then he accused me of trying to sabotage a relationship that hadn’t even begun yet just because I told him that I didn’t think he was fully invested in getting to know me, i.e., he barely texted. He maybe gave me 5 minutes of his time a day.

I felt my right to question this was purely legitimate. So, I thought I’d give him a 2nd chance to behave differently, but he didn’t. So I bailed. I’m a quitter. So, what. I don’t have the energy anymore to keep trying.

When I say bailed I mean, I unfollowed him on Twitter, uninstalled my WhatsApp app and blocked him. Perhaps his only interest in me was motive-based. Which I now believe was just so he could use me to get him into the U.S.A.🤷🏽‍♀️

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