Of all the millions and millions of women on Facebook how did I get rooted out?

Just when I thought things were looking up and my confidence was growing a mutual Facebook friend messages ME (can you believe it!?) and explains how he follows and enjoys my posts and has been into me for a while. Truthfully, at first I thought he was joking because it’s really rare when anyone’s into me. 😥 I’m just a rare breed. 🤷🏽‍♀️

However, I was EXTREMELY FLATTERED. He asked in a round about way if I ever wanted to hangout sometime (and luckily he’s local) so I said yes, but apparently he’s very, very, very busy. 🤔

He’s the total opposite of the type of man that I’d date in every way possible, but he seemed very charming and I need to stop letting these type of persnickety details get in the way of finding a partner.

I’m a very patient person to a certain extent. We Facebook messaged for a bit, till I decided to push my number at him. The first push I felt like he ignored it. Then I did it again, basically a reminder, that it was his idea to hangout in the first place. So let’s hangout. I wanted to meet him.

He finally calls. We speak for 45 min. He does most of the talking which is wonderful. Normally the men I attract don’t like to talk. They allow me do all the oversharing.

Before the call was over on last Tuesday night he told me how he was going to be very busy the next few days and he started rattling off days. I told him I wouldn’t be able to remember his schedule and that I needed to write it down. He must have thought I was joking, but I wasn’t. He told me not to worry about it, but that he would be sending me little football messages (the type back in highschool where you fold up the pager into little triangles; which I assumed were text messages) periodically. I told him that I’d appreciate that.

Well, Wednesday passed, Thursday Thanksgiving Day passed, Friday (the day I know he mentioned something about driving down to my city for a possible date) passed, Saturday passed. I didn’t hear a peep from him. By Saturday night I was FURIOUS! 🔥😡 If your asking yourself why I didn’t text him it’s because if a person tells me they’re going to be busy, busy, busy, they thing I want to do is disrespect that and disturb them. However;

A man who is thinking about you is never too busy or can’t go a day without texting you.

Why do I feel played? I’m done. This is over NOW.

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