This dating site is a joke

Datebritishmen a site where if you merely mention that you’d move overseas to be with your mate it means RIGHT FRIGGIN NOW. That is not the impression that I thought was gonna happen. I figured I’d meet my British love, we’d date online, visit, after a year or two then we’d move to one another’s country and live happily ever after.

Nope, not this site. A guy who I thought seemed like a good match according to his profile actually didn’t even want to get to know me at all, but instead wanted to leave the country. I was almost down with that if he hadn’t made me feel like I wasn’t good for anything else. He didn’t even seem interested in ME.

The red flags flew left and right. Right off the bad he started talking about his ex being a narcissist. Heck, mine is too, and Lord knows I didn’t want to bring him up to use as an example in some I got accused of comparing. There were so many other red flags that at times I just wanted to ignore them all because I hate being right and ending up alone.

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