Personally I don’t think it’s all in my head. What it is, is their word against mine. Sort of like gas lighting. That’s why I don’t want any friends.

They use you to keep their secrets or to share their excitement about something while I’m just supposed

(wait… I’m not supposed to do anything)

to sit there, shut up, and be this supportive ear, whether it’s good or bad news. I’m made to feel…

(wait,… their not making me do anything)

I’m left feeling used and as if the favor ever needed to be returned, I’d receive less the attention that I gave them.

As a matter of fact. I know this to be TRUE, and I am not imagining this. It’s currently happening to me right now by two different individual people.

Then whenever I finally get fed up listening how you feel used because all you do is listen, listen, listen to them but you’re rarely listen to, I’m consider crazy when I finally get up the nerve to tell them that I don’t appreciate it.

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